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West Burlington Master Fee Schedule EXHIBIT “A” (Amended 2/2/2022) RESOLUTION: 2022-09



$ .25 each


$ 1.00 per page

Stage Rental

$300.00 per day

$300.00 Deposit

*City Administrator may adjust fee for non-profit use

Returned Check/Insufficient Fund Fee

$ 30.00


Dump Truck

$100.00/per hour


$150.00/per hour

Pick-up Truck

$ 50.00/per hour

Sewer Jet Truck

$200.00/per hour

Pavement Breaker Attachment

$ 50.00/per hour

Compactor Attachment

$ 50.00/per hour


$100.00/per hour


$100.00/per hour

Street Sweeper

$100.00/per hour

Mowing (Includes labor & mowing equipment)

$150.00 per hour (one hour minimum) or actual cost if contracted out ($150 minimum fee will be charged)

Supplies used by the City for private-sector businesses and individuals including Hazmat calls.

1.5 times actual cost

Labor related to private-sector

2 times salary during regular hours (min.1 hr)

2.5 times salary during overtime hours (min. 2 hr)

City Hall Council Chambers (Rental by Private Party)

$25.00 (Additional Fee of $25 will be charged for use of projector and/or internet access)

*City Administrator may adjust fee for non-profit use

Park Restrooms

$50 Deposit


Right-of-Way Excavation Permit

$50 (flat fee)

Right-of-Way Permit

3 yr Permit - $ .25/per linear ft of R-O-W with a $125.00 min. 5 yr Permit - $ .35/ per linear ft of R-O-W with a $175.00 min.

Communication Antenna or Tower


Liquor License On-site Inspections

$ 50.00 per year

Solicitor Permit

$100.00 per person

House Movers


Taxi Service

Annual Permit =$125.00 plus $30.00 for each vehicle (includes removing and adding new vehicles mid-year)

Tree Service


Auctioneer / TAG SALE Fee

One Day = $25.00

Pawnbroker License

Annual Permit = $200

Temporary Vendor Fee

Two Weeks = $50.00 One Month = $75.00 90 Days = $150.00

Over 90 Days = $250.00

Permanent Business


Rental Registration Fee

$250.00 (Waived if they register within 90 days)

Rental Inspections

$ 75.00 (single family homes and duplexes)

3 or more uits - $100.00 per building plus $10.00 for each unit

Rental Re-Inspection Fee


Open Burn/Burn Barrel Permit


Re-Inspection Fee (Related to Construction Permit)

$45.00/per hour (min.$25.00)

Additional Plan Review

$45.00/per hour (min.$25.00)

Open Air Market

One Day = $25.00

Season Market-No Vehicle = $80.00 Season Market-with Vehicle = $100.00

Mobile Food Truck

One Day = $25.00

Annual Permit = $250.00 (Will allow up to 10 locations)

City-Wide Garage Sale Registration

$5.00 (Adding address to Official Garage Sale Map)

Snow Removal and/or Landscaping Registration

$5.00/annually (Adding Name to City Website)


Subdivision Review

Preliminary Plat = $250.00, plus 10.00 per lot

Final Plat = $300.00, plus$10.00 per lot

Board of Adjustment Hearing

$ 45.00

Building Permit Fees for:

  • All new residential and commercial construction

  • All commercial alterations or additions

  • All residential alteration or addition that affect a load bearing wall

* Building permit fees are calculated by using a reasonable estimated construction value provided by the applicant or uniform construction costs as determined, from time to time, by the International Code Council.

Based on Construction Value of Improvements: First $1,000 of value = $30.00

Next $999,000 of value = $7.00 per $1,000 Over $1,000,000 = $3.00 per $1,000

*Permit Fee doubles if permit is not obtained prior to construction. (Section 159.04)

* The “construction value of improvements” for alterations to existing structures shall mean the cost of the labor and materials.

Sign Permit

Temporary (45 days) = $50.00

Permanent = $100.00 (per 2 sided structure if wording is the same on both sides or one side is blank)

Temporary Structures

$ 50.00

Construction Trailer/Dumpsters

$ 25.00 (Two week period)



$ 25.00


$ 25.00


$ 25.00

Utility Sheds (under 200 sq ft.)

$ 25.00

Utility Sheds/Accessory Buildings/Garages (over 200 sq ft)

Based on Construction Value


$ 25.00

Swimming Pools (permanent pool)

$ 25.00

Parking Lot

Based on Construction Value

Roof – Shingles* Only (Residential)

No Fee (Permit is required)

Roof – Complete Roof (Residential)

$ 50.00

Roof – Re-roof Commercial (less than 30,000 sq ft)

$ 250.00

Roof – Re-roof Commercial/Industrial (over 30,000 sq ft)

$ 500.00

Mechanical Work Only (Commercial)

$ 100.00

Plumbing Work Only (Commercial)

$ 100.00


No permit fee. Property owners can apply for reimbursement of

$6.97 per linear feet of sidewalk built to city specifications.

Administrative Fee Cancel/Refund Permit

$ 10.00

*Singles includes metal roofs and other material approved by the Uniform Building Code


Placing/Dumping snow & grass on city street or alley

$100 – Residential Property

$200 – Commercial Property

Police Officers including Police Reserves

1 Officer = $50.00/hr

* Police Chief may adjust fee for non-profit organizations

Hazmat Calls:

Fire Truck, Pumper, Rescue

$100/per hour for equipment

$ 25/per man per hour

False Alarm Fees

First False Alarm – No Charge Second False Alarm – No Charge Third False Alarm - $100.00

After 30 days a monthly finance charge of 1.5% will be applied.

Fire Department – Incident Reports

$ 10.00

Police Department – Background Checks

$ 10.00

Police Department – Traffic Accident Report

$ 10.00

Police Department – Incident Reports

(Investigative Incident Reports will only be released under court subpoena)

$ 10.00 (Initial Report - includes up to 10 pages)

$ 1.00 charge for each additional page over 10 pages.

Police Department – Audio/Video Reproduction:

Car Camera Video*

$ 25.00*

Digital Photos

$ 25.00 (Up to 25 photos. $1.00 for each additional photo

reproduction over 25)

Photo Reproduction onto DVD

$ 25.00

Video/Audio Reproduction*

$ 25.00*

* Any time spend to reproduce audio or video records beyond the first hour will be paid at the hourly rate of the person preparing the materials and the fee will be rounded to the next hour and billed at the nearest $5.00 increment.

Each type of media requested is issued on a separate disc and requires a separate fee paid in advance or at the time the item(s) are

received at the West Burlington Police Department, 122 Broadway.


Assessment Charge (when Utility Bills are certified to the

property as a lien)

$ 5.00 plus postage

Iowa Offset Program - Servcie Charge

$ 7.00 (Iowa Offset Program collects $7.00 for every charge

that is submitted to them for collection

Credit Card Refund

5% of transaction being refunded (Reasoning: The credit card

processing company charges the City a fee for refunding payments.)

Water Inspections

Residential Inspections = $ 55.00

Commercial Inspections = $105.00

Meter Testing

$70.00 (covers testing fee and shipping to and from third party

testing service)

Disconnection Fee (Irrigation Meters)

$ 25.00

Disconnection Fee

$ 25.00

24 Hour Disconnect Notice

$ 10.00

Utility Deposit

$125.00 for single family or average of last three months for business and multi-family complexes (100% refunded when

account is closed)

Sewer Only Deposit


Temporary Vacancy or Intermediate turn on for inspections

$15.00 fee will be charged upon disconnection when water will

be off for a period of less than 3 months.

Sewer Connections


Water Disconnection from System

$50.00 for each water and sewer main disconnection and


Sewer Disconnection from System

$50.00 for each water and sewer main disconnection and


Water Connections

¾” Tap = $225.00

1” Tap = $275.00 (This is the largest tap City crews can make)

1 ¼ or Larger Tap = $400 (Must be made by a private contractor)

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